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While relaxing and listening the best of Portuguese jazz at CASCAIS JAZZ SESSIONS, it’s possible to enjoy the COOL PICK&GO’s (festival’s food court) extensive street food options and have drink in the natural and magical background of Parque Marechal Carmona. It´s a great way to start every night at COOLJAZZ.
COOLJAZZ opens at 7pm giving the excellent opportunity to come earlier and enjoy the 3 concerts per night that the festival offers.


Mexican food so authentic and tasty it feels like we are in Mexico.


Casa Ermelinda Freitas, since 1920 producing reference wines with quality well renown in Portugal.
For four generations Casa Ermelinda de Freitas has produced wines that tell the history of its family for four generations, counting with more than 700 national and international awards that makes the perfect match for the EDPCOOLJAZZ nights.


The Colé brand belongs to two Portuguese brothers and aims to bring artisanal fruit ice creams as a fresh and healthy option for everyone.


The Compal brand has distinguished itself as a brand rooted in the Portuguese identity for over 70 years, always keeping in mind the innovation, freshness and quality of the products it places on the market


CONVERSAS will spoil you with its cuisine rich in Mediterranean delicacies, combined with a touch of Portuguese sophistication, which will take you on an authentic journey of flavors.


A familiar coffee well known and available to all Portuguese for more than 50 years arrives to the coolest festival of the year with the missions of creating trust moments and life sharing in the taste and aroma of one cup of coffee.


Estrella Damm, the Spanish lager beer brand of the pilsener style, ensures the entire bar offer and activation in the festival grounds. Originally from Barcelona, Estrella Damm is a disruptive brand, recognised with numerous awards internationally, which is constantly evolving and charting its legacy in Portugal.


Known by many as the Best Burger House. Hand-made like no other, each burger is unique and the homemade chips cut by hand. A delicious meal that you can now find at our festival.

hot dog-linha

The Best Hot Dogs of the Line now arrive at EDPCOOLJAZZ and promise to leave a smile on everyone's face!


Our healthy poke bowls consist of a variety of bases, different types of protein (raw fish, shrimp or even chickpeas for our vegetarian customers) and a variety of vegetables and fruits, topped with our unique sauces. Our ingredients are not only fresh and healthy, they are also delicious.


The basis of our pizzas great sucess, beside the slight, thin and crunchy pizza dough, the complement with high quality ingredients is the secret to offer our clients na excelent gastronomic experiency. Pizzaria Artesanal commits itself to hand quality, with high ecological responsability, a fair price and withn the finest raw materials in the festivals


Sr. Showriço’s Project “Pregos e Bifanas no Caco” is genuinely portuguese in its essence. Allying the traditional “bolo do caco” from Madeira Island – a soft and tasteful bread made out of sweet potato – with delicious coal grilled meat, getting delicious and succulent unforgettable “pregos” and “bifanas”.


Sr. Showriço’s Project “Prego no caco” is genuinely portuguese in its essence. Allying the traditional “bolo do caco” from Madeira Island – a soft and tasteful bread made out of sweet potato – with delicious coal grilled meat, giving you an unforgettable moment.


Pioneers in Portugal, we serve chicken inspired in the American and Asian street food culture. In our food trucks we serve the most delicious Chicken Wings with Epic Buffalo sauce, Chicken Drumsticks with BBQ sauce or the "Epic" hamburger.


Temaki Mania brings for the first time to CoolJazz its offering of pokes, healthy and delicious.
This is a result of years of the experience being at the top of the sushi business, nationally, now in Street Food format.


Launched in 1927 – more than 90 years nutured friendships which the authentic never changed. Owned by Unicer, this Portuguese beer leads its market in Portugal and stands present at the festival with the summer’s most cool beverage


Nut 'was originally created with a range of products ranging from freshly made desserts, bakery / pastry specialties and ice creams, but quickly grew to the current concept because of the wide receptivity it had with the public, and which justified the creation of others through the country, currently eight, through the franchising model.


Since 1863 that MARTINI has been occupied with the improvement of vermute, a popular wine with mediterranean herbs since XIX century, endend to create, through the addition of a 40 spices secret blend, a special drink, aromatic with an unique flavour that counts with more than 150 years of success. Many are the Martinis that were released since then. Come have a martini to the sound of Jazz in the coolest summer festival.


The best that the earth gives us, in a unique climate.
It is on our farms that the production of baby leaves begins, 365 days a year: we combine seeds, the environment and knowledge to obtain the best harvests and in the most sustainable way.


Dewar's is a single malt and blended Scotch whiskey brand owned by Bacardi, which claims that the brand's "White Label" is the best-selling blended scotch in the United States. Dewar's is also the most awarded Scotch whiskey in the world, with over 1000 medals won in international competitions.


Offering a vast artesanals Piadinas menu, an italian product originating in Emilia-Romagna region, Piadina Wine & Co. commits itself using only fine quality ingredients bringing to the festival the great flavours of Italy.


The Pleno brand will be present at EDPCOOLJAZZ’s 16th edition under the motto "A State of spirit in a Liquid State”. Inspired by the natural properties of herbs, the new Tisanas Pleno 250 ml have no sweeteners and no teine and have lemon as the common denominator.
These Tisanas are available in the Rooibos & Lemon, Orange Blossom, Verbena & Lemon varieties with a new packaging, more ecofriendly and following on-the-go market trends.
Aligned with the mood of the EDPCOOLJAZZ, Pleno Tisanas will present a Lounge space, inviting visitors to experience their inspiring combinations and relax with the family. There will also be brand experience activations with several gifts. 

veggie lovers

Veggie Lovers Truck is the first 100% Vegan truck on Street Food in Portugal having held more than 100 festivals/events to date! This project arises from the need to create yet another healthy alternative within the Street Food concept.